Thursday, October 21, 2010

"That's Gonna Shrink You Know...."

Not exactly what you want to hear from a Walmart clothing department employee peering at you from afar as you button up a snug fitting cardigan 6 weeks into a weight loss competition. Caught completely off guard I kindly agreed that she was right, but explained how I was dire need of a few clothes for the fall and was anticipating fitting into it shortly...not that she really earned any explanation, but somehow I felt obligated to give one (for, ego's sake?).

I sheepishly peeled off the shirt and neatly hung it back on the foam lined plastic hanger and slipped it back on the rack exchanging it for another size, hoping that would send her on her way after accomplishing her mission to puncture my pride (I'm sure she was trying to be helpful...). But instead she stayed for the next shirt, and the one after that, cooing and smiling at my son while stealthily (not so much) eying my selection of too-tight-shirts. Needless to say, after the worst sales pitch of the century, I left the store with eggs and apple juice feeling slightly fat...and doubting my previous decision to preemptively purchase a winter coat that I can barely zip up, in hopes that I'll be 10lbs lighter in a few weeks...we'll see about that.

11 lbs down, things have slowed down and doubt creeps in from time to time. As much as I truly hope to win this competition and take home the pot - these 12 weeks are largely about developing patterns to a healthier lifestyle. It's a constant battle of my flesh to resist satisfying cravings for what my body is used to - (mainly junk) and get the exercise my body is begging me for. Some days are easier than others, and other days it seems it'd be easier to give up.

Whether its the know-it-all sales lady or my own thoughts of discouragement, I find myself having to counter those doubts with positive thinking and the realization that I've made it to here, surely I can push it to the next level!! If you know me, or quite possibly if we've so little as crossed paths, you know that I'm stubborn and strong willed and don't give up without a good fight. Rest assured, all doubts aside, I don't plan to stop here. Bursting buttons is not on my list of to dos, and zipping up my winter coat without cutting the air supply to my lungs is high priority this winter .

Case closed.

And so if you know me, cheer for me. If you're competing against me, watch out for me, and if you're living with me...well, then you can eat the rest of the chocolate sitting on top of the fridge.


     Sagacious Mama